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by Ryan Richardson
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Ryan is a creative thinker and business leader who works along side business owners to come up with solutions that allow them to grow faster.

In my case Apex was looking to grow into a significantly larger building that will house our headquarters for many years to come.

To anyone looking for ways to finance the purchase of commercial property, or to grow their business faster, I would highly recommend Ryan.

We found an ideal building at a phenomenal price but because we were not going to occupy the entire building we did not qualify for a traditional SBA loan, and the typical 30-40% down on a building of that size would have left us cash strapped and hindered our future growth.

Ryan was able to both advise on the purchase of the property and helped us tap into an SBA like alternative to significantly reduce our cash down payment requirement. He worked extremely well with our bank and has an excellent reputation among all banks I spoke with.



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