My Subway Sandwich Addiction

by Ryan Richardson
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You read that right . . . I'm addicted to Subway, but it isn't about the sandwiches. I like the bacon, egg and pepper jack cheese on flatbread with bells and onions, but that isn't why I go there. In fact, I'm really just loyal to the Athens Avenue location.

I go there because they know my name and they make me feel special. 

The line can be out the door, but no matter how busy they are, Terry, Shaunda or Ashley say, "Hi Ryan" when I walk in and "Bye Ryan" when I leave.

It might not seem like a lot, but it means the world to me.

They know my order by heart and I enjoy hearing about their day while they make my sandwich. Terry, the manager, and I have a few seconds to chat at the cash register about life before the next customer is ready. They're efficient, so I move along.

Sometimes there will be a break between customers and I'll get to talk with them. They tell me about their kids, their new car or other excitements of life.

They make me feel important and brighten my day.

I'm amazed how a brief interaction can brighten my day. I was going to wrap this into a self serving discussion of customer service, but I'm going to stop now and let you draw your own conclusions. Time for lunch!


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